Geometric Gems by Pablo

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Pablo Geoshape: Cubism Redefined through Barcelona's Lens

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About Pablo Geoshape

From the lively plazas to the historic lanes of Barcelona, Pablo Geoshape has always found inspiration in the heart of the Catalan capital. With every piece he creates, he invites viewers to see the world differently, breaking down the familiar into fascinating geometric forms and shapes.

Artistic Approach

Pablo's art is a masterful journey of deconstruction and reassembly. Through the prism of Cubism, he dissects the world around him into its most basic geometric components, then reassembles them to offer a multi-perspective view that challenges and intrigues.

Medium and Style

Both painting and sculpture serve as platforms for Pablo's creative expression. While his paintings mesmerize with their intricate geometries and contrasting planes, his sculptures stand as tangible, multi-dimensional interpretations of his vision. Every work, whether flat or three-dimensional, exudes a distinctive geometric aura, grounded in multi-perspective principles.

Why Delve into Pablo Geoshape's Geometric Universe?

For those curious about the intricacies of Cubism or anyone seeking a fresh perspective on the everyday, Pablo's oeuvre is a revelation. It's not just art; it's a visual exploration, a challenge to perceive the world in its multifaceted geometric glory.

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