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"Mina Lustré: Minimalism Magnified | Celebrating Simplicity in Sculpture & Installation"


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"Journey through the minimalist realm of Mina Lustré. Embracing simplicity, her sculptures and installations are an ode to the harmonious blend of form and function."


### **Mina Lustré: The Art of Minimalism Defined**


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**About Mina Lustré**

Mina Lustré, with roots in architecture, showcases the sublime beauty found in simplicity. Through her art, Mina illustrates that sometimes less truly is more, demonstrating the elegance that can be discovered in the understated and the unembellished.

**Artistic Approach**

Guided by her architectural background, Mina is adept at creating harmonious balance between form and function. Eschewing the superfluous, she crafts pieces that resonate with a quiet, introspective beauty, inviting viewers to find serenity and meaning in the simplest of forms.

**Medium and Style**

Sculpture and installation are Mina's chosen realms of expression. Her works, often rendered in monochromatic palettes, stand as profound statements of minimalism. Clean lines, smooth curves, and a restrained use of color characterize her art, making each piece a serene oasis in a chaotic world.

**Why Delve into Mina Lustré's Minimalist World?**

For those seeking a refuge from the overwhelming, for those yearning to appreciate the essence rather than the excess, Mina's art offers a tranquil sanctuary. Her work is not just a visual treat; it's a soulful journey into the heart of minimalism, where beauty is measured not by abundance but by precision and intent.


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