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"Dive into the world of Constructivism with Konstantin Strukt. Explore a symphony of geometric abstraction influenced by industrial revolution."


### **Konstantin Strukt: The Maestro of Modern Constructivism**


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**About Konstantin Strukt**

Venture into the structured realm of Constructivism with Konstantin Strukt. As the world transformed with the industrial revolution, Konstantin captured this seismic shift in his artworks, blending geometry and abstraction with unmatched precision.

**Artistic Vision**

Konstantin's creations are a testament to the era of rapid industrial and societal change. He brings to life the rhythm of machines and the symmetries of the urban world. Each piece serves as a commentary on the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

**Medium and Mastery**

Specializing in sculpture and architecture, Konstantin seamlessly combines geometric forms with abstract elements. The tangible weight of industry meets the ethereal nature of art in his revolutionary designs.

**Engage with Konstantin's Creations**

Allow yourself to be captivated by the sharp angles, thoughtful designs, and the artful commentary on a world in transition. Konstantin invites you to appreciate the intricacies of Constructivism and its reflection of an ever-evolving society.


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